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Types Of French Desserts You Should Know

Desserts are not just tasty and rich, they also add a touch of elegance to any dinner party. Whether you are having a formal or a casual gathering, there is no doubt that your guests would love to have a mouth-watering taste of French desserts.

A nice and light dessert is what most people usually prefer to get when they want to impress someone from a different part of the world. There are numerous types of French desserts out there, all of which can be used to add an extra oomph to your next event.

Types Of French Desserts You Should Know
Types Of French Desserts You Should Know

Crêpe de Noel

If you are trying to invite someone from France for a dinner party, you can go for the traditional ones like the crêpe de Noel, the chocolate cream puff, the mousse de Cana, and even the chocolate truffle. Each one of these desserts is made from a type of ganache or whipped cream, but they vary from each other in texture and appearance.

Ganache is a thickened condensed milk and has been commonly used as a binding agent in the past, especially in French cakes. It is sometimes referred to as the milk of life. A variety of ranches is available in the market today, but the most common one is composed of a mixture of eggs, sugar, almond milk, and flavored cream.

When it comes to making a dessert, the only type that one can say should be avoided is the chocolate ganache. It is very much worth eating, but if you want to eat something healthier, you can use low fat-free cream. When you want to have a lot of variety, you can choose the very popular cream puffs, which can be filled with various nuts, jams, custards, and even cheeses.

Fruit Fillings

Chocolates are not the only choice for this type of dessert. Fruit fillings are always a good option to go for, and if you would like a sweet treat, chocolate balls or ice cream are good too. If you feel that a cake is not enough, you can also go for the flavored ones, such as lemon, strawberry, raspberry, etc. This will be the perfect surprise for the guests at your next party.

To make your party stand out, it is best to keep it in a smooth way so that everyone who attended can get a hold of the meaning of it. This is also an effective way to control the cost of the party.

Pate is made from some kind of meat or fish and is a great alternative to regular cheese. Although it might seem to be a rather expensive one, it is a cheap way to make your party a great success.

You can also choose some different flavors for your pudding-like vanilla, chocolate, banana, peanut butter, and other such flavors. Other than those, you can also use a number of other ingredients to make it; although, the main principle remains the same.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the pudding, you can also choose to add some different kinds of candies or the more traditional nuts for a delightful finish. A special dessert that is also quite popular is the cannoli, which is basically a pastry of several layers, but the most famous is the butter-cream combination that brings out the whole image of a fabulous experience.

Types Of French Desserts You Should Know
Types Of French Desserts You Should Know

Chocolate croissants are another type of French dessert that can be prepared easily, but of course, they need a lot of preparation. In order to make it work, it is better to avoid the cutting process and bake it on a baking sheet instead.

Aside from the homemade cakes, there are also canned varieties that you can buy at the market. Such can be available in the grocery stores or in your local food store or bakeries.

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