Try Out This Easy Cookies Recipe -

Try Out This Easy Cookies Recipe

Try Out Some Fun And Easy Cookie Recipes

Preparing cookies do not have to be intimidating. Many people do not even try to bake cookies at home.

Instead, they rely on the nearest bakery. You would be surprised to know that baking cookie is very simple.

Easy Cookies Recipe

This easy cookie recipe only requires three ingredients. Yes, you read that right. Not to mention, it is ready in a few minutes. Several cookie recipes require many ingredients but that is not the case in this easy cookie recipe.

For preparing the cookie, you need peanut butter, sugar, and eggs. You can use brown sugar, as it is a healthier and a better option when compared to the white sugar. There is no need to use flour.

Mix the peanut butter with the brown sugar. Then, add the egg. Use a baking sheet and scoop lumps of the mix. The baking sheet has to be lightly greased. Bake the cookie at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes in the preheated oven.

Your cookies are ready. Allow them to cool down. If you want, you can try out different ingredients like chocolate and brown sugar. Try to use your creativity and imagination when preparing cookies.

Try Out Some Fun And Easy Cookie Recipes
Try Out This Easy Cookies Recipe

Tips For Preparing Cookies At Home

Since you now know how to prepare cookies, you need to know a few tips.

The most important thing is to learn how to use the oven to your advantage. For example, did you know that you need gloves when removing or placing the baking dish?

Using the right accessories when using the oven is crucial for the recipe. It plays a significant part in the baking of the dish. Apart from that, you will need the right baking dish.

Baking dishes for cookies come in different shapes and designs. Unless you plan to open a commercial bakery, then it is fine to use a large baking dish.

Try Out Some Fun And Easy Cookie Recipes
Try Out This Easy Cookies Recipe

Otherwise, a medium or small sized baking dish should suffice. Moreover, the knife used for cutting and the spoons used to pour the batter on the baking dish should be kept in mind when preparing cookies.

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