Light Dishes For A Dinner Party

So you are thinking of having a light dessert for a dinner party. Yes, if you put some thought into it, it is very possible to make a fabulous dessert, especially with the right ingredients. Here are three very easy dishes to try out.

Desserts can be just as flavorful as their meal counterparts and require very little preparation. You can mix up light cottage cheese with fruit like banana and blueberries and bake it in a pan. If you do not have time to make your own pudding, just get a can of your favorite frozen type and add some fruit juice and maple syrup.

Light Dishes For A Dinner Party
Light Dishes For Dinner A Party


How about having one or two of your favorite cocktails that happen to be served at your cocktail hour. Have some butterscotch pudding or vanilla pudding or even orange chocolate or cherry pudding. This will be a real crowd-pleaser. Just make sure you put some sort of liquor in the mix.

Finally, how about some plain carrot cake or banana bread. No special diet necessary here! Make sure you use some light dessert mix that does not contain artificial flavors. That way you will be able to eat the foods with gusto.

When using this kind of dessert mix, use cinnamon to flavor your buttercream. The addition of the first flavoring will add some subtle flavor that will bring out the texture of the cake, which in turn makes it a lot more enjoyable. Again, this is a variation on the light desserts for the dinner party theme, so it should not be too complicated for your guests to eat.

Orange Chocolate Chip

Have some orange chocolate chip cookies and freeze them in ice cube trays. Take a few extra from the freezer, fill the trays with the cookie mix, and pour over the cookie base. Freeze until set. Then take the first batch and place it on top of the frozen cookie.

Then take some vanilla ice cream and run it through a sieve or colander. Then pour over the top and freeze it until set.

Take some of your cake mixes and place it in a greased loaf pan. Place it in the freezer for 30 minutes and when it is done, pull the foil off. On top of the cake, you can sprinkle some chocolate chips and drizzle some melted white chocolate or dark chocolate over the top.

If you have a lot of leftover desserts after you serve the desserts, you may want to freeze some small batches of them. When the holiday season comes around again, you can simply pop them into the freezer. Be sure to take out whatever you have prepared before dinner because they will quickly defrost.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt For Dinner

Add some homemade frozen yogurt to your desserts. This will be a really easy and delicious choice that anyone will enjoy. The whole family will love it, even children who love yogurt, so it is a perfect party dish for kids or adults alike.

Light Dishes For A Dinner Party
Light Dishes For Dinner A Party

If you are not fond of fresh fruit, why not make a sweet and sour fruit cake that can be served with some frozen Margarita mix? Then freeze them until set. Then pull them out of the freezer and serve!

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily find some recipes that fit your budget and theme for your dessert mix. That way you will not only be preparing light desserts for a dinner party but will also be able to give your guests a taste of home and you can have a great dinner.

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