How To Make Unicorn Poo Meringues

We have all heard of unicorn poo meringues, and if we haven’t seen it in the grocery store, we probably are familiar with the stories. This magical sweet treat is popular not only in the United States but also throughout the world. People from all over the world have the recipe in their heads.

The reason for its popularity is that, of course, the story behind these yummy treats is a matter of royal lineage. There is nothing special about them as such and they are just very simple to make.

How To Make Unicorn Poo Meringues
How To Make Unicorn Poo Meringues

Serve Yummy Meringues To That Special Person

They are green paste, that can be cut into circles by hand. Also, they have a buttery taste that goes well with chocolate. With a buttery consistency, so that you get a pudding type of feel to them when you bite into them.

You can have a very romantic setting for an occasion when you want to impress your special someone by serving these. It will be a great surprise to them.

Even though most of these have Meringues in them, you can also have strawberry, white chocolate or even pomegranate seed paste in them. Many of the meringue recipes are quite good and can be quite simple, just follow the directions very carefully.

Avoid Using Meringue Recipe

While you are getting all the ingredients together, try to avoid using meringue recipe which is too complicated. As with most things in life, if something seems too difficult to do, it is not worth trying. That is what the problem with making them yourself.

You need to be very careful when it comes to mixing the two different types of chocolate together. Some people will mix the chocolate with a mixer, others with a spoon. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, mixing the chocolate with a spoon creates a smooth consistency without any lumps to speak of. When you mix it with a mixer, you will create bigger lumps and you will be less sure how it will come out.

For your more experienced chocolate making friends, they may even prefer to mix solid chocolate with liquid chocolate. This is because they know that the liquid chocolate will start out cold and the solid chocolate will cool down to a nice, cool, soft state before you take it out of the fridge.

Make A Sweet Treat

Mixing a thinner chocolate with a thicker chocolate can produce a thick chocolate meringue. However, mixing solid chocolate with liquid chocolate is not recommended as it can ruin the fine texture and the airy texture of the solid chocolate.

How To Make Unicorn Poo Meringues
How To Make Unicorn Poo Meringues

Making these sweet treats can be fun and fast. You can easily make them on your own time and get them done in a few hours, or you can take them to a friend’s house and they may never know that you did it at all.

They can also be useful gifts for your loved ones to show that you love them and appreciate them. It will be a much appreciated present to give to someone you love.

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