Simple Recipes To Tingle Your Tongue


If you want to prepare simple recipes, prepare pasta or macaroni, as it only requires a handful of ingredients. It is not surprising to see that Italian dishes are popular among many Americans.

Here Are Simple Recipes To Tingle Your Tongue
Here Are Simple Recipes To Tingle Your Tongue

Creamy Bacon And Beer Pasta

This creamy bacon beer pasta recipe is simple and easy to prepare. You need to make sure that the ingredients are fresh. Indeed, Italians love to use fresh and quality foods in their cooking.

For this recipe, you need spaghetti cooked al dente, chopped sweet onion, egg yolks, and few chopped slices of bacon.

Apart from that, you need sweet grape tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and some dark beer for seasoning. Take a large pan and mix the onions and slices of bacon. You need to cook the ingredients on a medium flame for few minutes.

Once the bacon becomes crispy, you can add the tomatoes and beer to the pan. After a few minutes, you can reduce the heat to low and cook the tomatoes. The pan can be removed from the heat.

Take another bowl, whisk eggs and add beer, bacon, and the remaining ingredients. The dish is ready. Serve it on a plate with sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled over it. Garnish the dish with basil leaves.

Here Are Simple Recipes To Tingle Your Tongue
Here Are Simple Recipes To Tingle Your Tongue

Avocado Spaghetti

To prepare the dish, you need a peeled avocado, al dente spaghetti, and minced garlic. You can also use chopped cilantro, Kosher salt, lime juice, and black pepper.

Put the lime juice, garlic, cilantro, and pepper in a food processor. Blend well until you get a smooth paste. Now, take a medium bowl and place the cooked pasta inside it.

Pour the paste and cook it for some time. Toss it well to ensure that the sauce covered the pasta. Add pepper and Kosher salt. The dish is ready.