Healthy Pasta Recipe: Top 4 Unique Ideas For Dinner

Healthy pasta recipe

A healthy pasta recipe conforms to the norm of regular dishes for meals. Choosing a healthy pasta recipe can not only satiate your hunger pangs but do so with love and care. This is the era of healthy eating. Nutritionists and diets are doing everything they can to reinstall good eating habits.

Our generation and the younger lot across the world today have a sedentary lifestyle already. Now couple them up with unhealthy junk food with few to zero health benefits.

As a result, you will get heart problems, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and many more things. It is a time of crisis that calls for a food revolution. I call it a food revolution as we need to replace the junk items with healthy options quickly. The challenge for the food industry is to create deliciousness out of boring looking food.

Healthy Pasta Recipe for you
Healthy Pasta Recipe: Top 4 Unique Ideas For Dinner

But that is something they are responsible for. You, on the other hand, are here to create your bowl of healthy eating. Pasta is an Italian food which is full of carbs and fats. So we bring you a list of healthy pasta recipes from our kitchen to your dining table.

Healthy Pasta Recipe: Pea Pesto Pappardelle

A beautiful combination of pea, ricotta, and pesto combo will give your taste buds the ultimate food taste. Peas contain minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Moreover, they help bring down your blood sugar level drastically. Promoting muscle growth is comfortable with ricotta that also helps to bring down the blood sugar levels.

Healthy Pasta Recipe: Pasta With Red Pepper Alfredo

If you are a vegetarian, then this could be your go-to meal for most nights. It contains heavy cream, fresh parmesan with a dash of garlic, peppers and basil. Besides, reducing blood sugar, garlic contains many nutrients and can be consumed more often.

It has zero fat and helps in building immunity. The colorful bell peppers come fully packed with Vitamins A and C. It has rich Potassium content with fiber and iron.

Best Healthy Pasta Recipe
Healthy Pasta Recipe: Top 4 Unique Ideas For Dinner

Healthy Pasta Recipe: Shrimp And Zucchini Scampi

Give your dinner bowl an attractive look by combining shrimp and Zucchini. While shrimp is an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, it also contains proteins, nutrients and minerals. It is suitable for your brain function and promotes heart rate.

Improve your digestion by consuming Zucchini, which also offers uncountable minerals and nutrients. It also aids in weight loss.

Healthy Pasta Recipe: Roasted Veggie Penne

As the name suggests, this penne pasta is all that you need to upgrade your vegetarian bowl. Roast your favourite vegetable and toss them into the Penne. It is the precise source of muti-vitamins and nutrients that will enrich your body. Amp up the flavour with a variety of sauces and flax seeds, and you are good to go.


To sum up, we want to add a few more names here to add to your list: light Spaghetti splash, Summer Pesto Penne, Lo Mein Prima Vera and Spiced Lamb Ragu Shells.

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