Easy Dessert Recipe: Double Chocolate Pound Cake


At times, you feel lazy and are in no mood to bake or prepare anything. This is when you might consider baking the chocolate pound cake. It is an easy dessert recipe idea. It does not matter if you are a beginner or professional baker.

The chocolate pound cake can be prepared and baked at any time. The only thing you need to remember when baking is that, you need the right set of tools. To prepare the cake, you need to place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them.

Then you need to place the batter in a baking pan and in the oven. It is as easy as that. The chocolate pound cake also tastes delicious and fantastic.

To make sure that the cake comes out well, ensure that the ingredients are blended and then baked.

Easy Dessert Recipes Of Double Chocolate Pound Cake
Easy Dessert Recipes Of Double Chocolate Pound Cake

The Easy Dessert Recipes Double Chocolate Pound Cake

You will need flour, cocoa powder, butter, salt, castor sugar, and eggs.

Some vanilla essence and chocolate chips can be added. Take a baking pan that is around 8 or 9 inches in size. Dust some flour on top of it so that the cake does not stick.

Sift the flour. Now, you can add the salt and cocoa powder to it. Keep it aside. Take a large bowl and beat some eggs into it.

Use an electric mixer and mix the sugar and butter into it. Mix it for a few minutes until the mix becomes light. The eggs have to be beaten one by one. Now you can add the vanilla essence. Mix all the ingredients.

Blend the mix in the electric mixer at a slow speed. Once you have mixed everything, add the chocolate chips. Again, blend for a few minutes to ensure that the combination is evenly mixed.

Easy Dessert Recipes Chocolate Pound Cake

Make sure that no lumps form. Now, spread the mix on a greased pan evenly. Bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes. You know that the cake is ready when you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean.

Do not cut the cake immediately.

Easy Dessert Recipes Of Double Chocolate Pound Cake
Easy Dessert Recipes Of Double Chocolate Pound Cake

Allow it to cool for some time and then use a knife to remove it from the baking pan. Let it cool down completely. If you want the cake to retain the moisture, place it into a plastic wrap.

The cake can be served with ice cream or fruits if you want. For the chocolate pound cake toppings, let your creativity flow.