Don't Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else -

Don’t Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else

Lemon Pound Cake is a special treat, but don’t make it too special! The ingredients listed above are just the basics. If you add more or less to your mix, your cake will be special.

Like most loaf cake, the light yellow filling can be made from any ingredient that does not contain hydrogenated oil. The eggs do not have to be full-fat, and if they are lightly whipped you have enough oomph to satisfy the dairy eaters. If you’re going to add a chocolate topping, it has to be brown sugar, but you can use unsweetened cocoa instead if you prefer.

Don't Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else
Don’t Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else

Add Yolks To Egg Whites

Adding yolks to egg whites is considered to be an inferior substitution. Eggs whites in their liquid form will achieve the same result as a whites’ egg yolk, but it is generally regarded to be a little more flavorful. In making lemon pound cake, you can use anything for the cream cheese, however, it is the butter-cream cheese that gives it richness and sophistication. You can find this in small tubs at almost any grocery store or baker’s store.

The two main ingredients to try for a great flavor for your cake are cinnamon and vanilla. They make a great cake and their inclusion should be fully respected by every baker.

The spices will do wonders for your lemon pound cake, but to make the cake even better you must find some other ingredients that help to give it that great flavor. Some of the favorite flavors include:

As previously mentioned, the traditional filling of the lemon pound cake is yellow cake. This is also good for those who like to cut corners. If you want to go for a healthier alternative, try using a reduced-fat yellow cake.

Use Favourite Bread Ingredients For Crust

You can also try using favorite bread ingredients for the crust. The dark rye bread is known to be excellent for this. It has a mild flavor and it will stand up well to being baked into the cake.

I used this buttercream cheese recipe for my lemon pound cake, and I think it is delicious. My baker friend that taught me how to make a cake is from Texas, and she is one of my favorite cheeses. A good can of this is just perfect for this cake.

If you are baking a lemon pound cake, you may want to add some fruit as well. This is a very fun way to change things up. This can be a fruit cake or a cupcake, but I have had great success with peaches and cherries.

Moist Lemon Pound

Moreover, this moist lemon pound cake is filled with yellow cake, which will make it a tasty dessert. Cream cheese and buttercream cheese to give it that thick and buttery texture.

Don't Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else
Don’t Make Your Lemon Pound Cake Like Everyone Else

Most people like to top their cake with whipped cream and strawberries. This adds a great sweet burst of flavor to the cake, but the results can be left as-is for those who don’t care for strawberry syrup.

You can also top your fruit cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting or toffee pudding. Just keep in mind that a good amount of lemon will help with the citrus flavors, and any extra fruits added to the batter will add extra moistness and richness.

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