Best Gloves For Hot Food Handling


Gloves help you minimize contamination and spread of allergens. They also help maintain a clean process of cooking. For instance, if you work at a restaurant or a food manufacturing outlet, covering your hands is very important. The use of hot food gloves is a priority to maintain cleanliness. Of course, it is also used to handle cold or raw food as well as hot, cooked food. However, picking the right material for hot food gloves may seem a hard task. You could choose from nitrile to latex; each varies in their properties. Here are the best hot food gloves you could use for handling food while preparing them.

Why Hot Food Gloves?

Best Gloves For Food Handling.
Best Gloves For Food Handling

The use of gloves may not seem that important, however, if you want to stay hygienic, using a pair of gloves actually help. Kitchens are a place for the breeding of germs and the birth of hundreds of diseases. Using hot food gloves prevents contamination of food and reduces the risks of infections. Another use of hot food gloves is the prevention of burns while cooking. Indeed, you can protect your hands from cooking injuries such as cuts or scars. Hot food gloves also help to enjoy a less messy cooking session. In fact, gloves also prevent bad odors from sticking to your hands.

Food Service Hot Food Gloves

Food service gloves are a specified set of gloves under FDA Title 21. These gloves stand as the accepted standard, the safe form of gloves used in packaging and shipping food. The quality and safety of these gloves are based on the brands alongside the materials used. The use of best raw materials helps in creating the best hot food gloves. The hot food gloves serve to sterilize the use of the gloves. The guidelines prescribed by the leading FDA association make sure the gloves meet the standards of sanitary and safety gloves. To prevent health issues, they make sure and avoid the use of toxic components in making the gloves.

Best Gloves For Food Handling.
Best Gloves For Food Handling

Types Of Hot Food Gloves:

Here are some notable types of hot food glove you can use.

  • Latex Gloves – These are made from natural rubber and are biodegradable. Latex gloves provide excellent comfort and durability.
  • Nitrile Gloves – The nitrile glove is a steady glove, chemically resistant, and durable. This glove gives excellent comfort for a long time — the best form of hot food glove.
  • Poly Gloves – These gloves are made of synthetic material and provide exceptional comfort. They aren’t practical for working with dangerous elements.
  • Vinyl Gloves – Vinyl gloves play a significant role in acting as a barrier to germs. They are a commonly used form of gloves.

Best Glove For Food Handling:

Clearly, the best gloves for handling hot food are nitrile gloves. The nitrile serves as a perfect element for food-handling protection. It prevents risks of allergic reactions. Moreover, it fits the hand perfectly without slipping away – an ideal fit. The hot food glove is manufactured for a good grip while working. As well, nitrile gloves do not emit toxic substances. Even better, these hot food gloves are resistant to chemicals and other materials. However, the best glove for preventing bacterial and germ infections are vinyl gloves. These gloves serve as the best choice for serving food.