Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable -

Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable

Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable

If you want to spend some quality time with your kids and want them to learn something different, it has to be baking. Through this, the love for cooking will grow in them. More or less, or kids love sweet dishes. So, what could be better than making desserts if you want to bake with kids?

Here, you will get some fuss-free recipes that both you and your kids will enjoy a lot. These dishes are not only easy to make but delicious too.

Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable
Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable

Baking With Kids – Bake A Cake In A Mug

In less than five minutes, come up with this delicious chocolate cake in your kid’s favorite mug. If your children are a chocoholic, they will drool over it. Either eat it when it is still warm or add a dollop of ice cream to the top that your kids love. We will finish the cake in no time. Let me tell you a secret! Not only your kids, but you will also crave for another mug!

Nutella Cake With Only 2 Ingredients

Nutella and eggs–these two ingredients combined to give you a yummy cake. See how easily you can prepare such a delicious dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whether it is morning, afternoon or evening, you can have choco-chip cookies any time. Even if you or your kids are craving for something sweet and chocolaty, these cookies will satisfy your taste buds. The vanilla dough with lots of chocolate chips or chunks provides you with the lovely and yummy cookies in only 10 minutes.

Baking With Kids – Lemonade Scones

This super quick recipe gives you a non-traditional scone. Here you use cream in place of butter, and the lemonade adds a tangy sweetness to this recipe. Grab the hot scone direct from the oven and enjoy the deliciousness.

Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable
Baking With Kids Is Fun And Enjoyable

Almond Biscuits With Only 3 Ingredients

Make these chewy and lip-smacking almond biscuits using only three ingredients. And the most important thing is, you can prepare them only within 10 minutes. After mixing the ingredients, both you and your kids will have a nice aroma on your hands.

Baking With Kids – Nutella Brownies

Nutella brownies are so yummy that your kids will ask more of them. Made with only three ingredients, like eggs, flour, and Nutella, these brownies will mesmerize your taste buds. They take about 25 minutes to the bake. Keeping patience for only half an hour will be tough! Top the brownies with chopped and toasted hazelnuts to add crunchiness.

Macaroons With Condensed Milk And Desiccated Coconut

These two ingredients macaroons are perfectly delicious and can give your taste buds a feeling of heaven. Your kids will enjoy mixing the condensed milk with desiccated coconut and then baking them for about 12 minutes. If guests have come suddenly, you can surprise them with these sweet treats in 20 minutes!

So, this weekend or in the coming holidays, spend some awesome time with your kids by baking yummy desserts.

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