Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs

Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs

Philips stands as the number 1 brand in Italy. The Philips Viva Pasta maker hit the market in full swing. It is a fully automatic pasta maker. Subsequently, it enables you to make fresh pasta and noodles. The said maker has its automatic mixing, kneading, etc. It is fast and efficient.

Additionally, you can add extra ingredients to spice your pasta. The compact design helps you place the maker anyway in your kitchen. The entire process of pasta making takes about 15 minutes. Moreover, you need to add the ingredients and the appliance will do its job!

Pasta Maker Design

Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs
Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs

The said appliance has a beautiful sleek design. It encompasses an entire machine to your countertop. The makers come with four default pasta types – spaghetti, Penne, fettuccine, and lasagna sheets. dumplings and noodles stand as an alternative dish to make in the appliance, the design is so simple that even kids can handle the machine. The cleaning of the appliance is also effortless.

Additionally, it has a central mixing chamber made from clear plastic. It helps you see everything. The presence of the mixing paddles helps knead the dough. Subsequently, the presence of a motor case has a simple design. 

Working Of The Philips Pasta Maker

The pasta makers come with additional articles when you buy it. You can find 

  • A base
  • A lid 
  • A mixing paddle
  • Shaping discs
  • Measuring cups. 
  • Cleaning tool 
  • Dough blade 
  • A user guide 
  • Recipe book.

The machine weighs about 20.7 pounds. The dimensions range from 13.4 inches by 15.9 inches by 12 inches. We see that the entire maker runs on a 200-watt motor. The motor produces a durable power of 1,600 units of force. Additionally, the pasta makers have a control panel. The panel has four key buttons. The power on/off button, a servings selector, and a switch for the program. Once you set the pasta, you can check the timer to check the count down. 

Steps To Make Pasta In Pasta Maker

Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs
Awesome Philips Pasta Maker For Your Needs

Firstly, pick the recipes of your choice. 

  • Next, add flour into the mixing chamber. Make sure you open the lid and close it firmly. 
  • Now, start the machine. Furthermore, pick the program you require – 

Program 1- 1-3 Servings

  • Start the maker. After the flour starts kneading, add your other ingredients. Make sure you blend in the liquid portions first (eggs, oil, juice, water) through the small holes in the lid.
  • Continue blending the entire mix. You can notice the mixing paddles – long, full metal. It helps in the perfect kneading of the pasta dough. 
  • Finally, after the dough is ready, you can see the machine push the pasta out. It extrudes through a portion on the front panel. 
  • Proceed to cut off the pasta as it comes out of the machine. Use an excellent tool to cut the pasta – knife/scissor.
  • Hence, your pasta is ready! 

We can notice that Philips Pasta Maker varies from other different makers. It makes no noise, unlike other makers. The process is also really fast in the pasta maker. You can make many batches of the pasta together, and cleaning the maker after cooking is also an easy task. Thus, Philips Pasta Maker is the best choice you can choose!

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